Why Your Wi-Fi Isn’t Working and How to Fix It

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Now that the works and studies are at home, we cannot afford to have some issues such as our wifi. When we experience some issues, it can greatly impact our productivity and even our income, and this is why fixing the problem as soon as you can is paramount.

If you are not confident with your ability to fix the issues by yourself, we recommend that you ask for some professional advice from Miami Tech Support or other companies you know that are responsible and trustworthy like the Miami tech support. However, if you think you can do some basic repair and diagnosis, read through.

There are several possible reasons why your WiFi is not working. Some of the following will give you an idea:

There is a problem with your network – a lot of experts, even the nonexperts would advise you to avoid connecting to a network that is public and therefore, unprotected. However, if you try to connect with wifi in a family’s house or a coffee shop, and you noticed that you cannot connect, there are probably issues with the network. Try connecting it to your personal wifi and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then it will lead you to the next problem.

You have issues with your device – if your friends and other people are so able to connect to wifi, but you cannot, then it is almost a cinch that you are experiencing a problem with your own device. There are several ways on how to diagnose it, and you can go here for some immediate reasons.

You have problems with the internet itself – if you observe that your device and network are okay but you cannot still load some Google browser, then you need to consider that you are most probably experiencing an Internet connection problem. Just because there are full bars on the wifi icon does not guarantee that you have strong internet. The modem’s signal is different from the actual Internat signal, and being able to identify that would be a huge benefit for you.

The following are the things you can check and do:

Check the lights on the router and if the light seems a little bit off, then there is something wrong

Move closer to the router as one of the probable reasons is you are too away from the actual modem or router.

Determine if it is a persistent problem or a new problem that you are experiencing – you need to be aware that a persistent problem needs to be addressed immediately. Also, if you think that the problem is huge then it is important that you consult a professional before trying to fix it on your own to avoid more damage and costs.

Make sure that your hardware and software are up-to-date – it is essential that you use a driver updated to ensure that your device and the software is up to date. Also, make sure that the router’s firmware is also up to date.

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What Areas and Places You Need to Clean at Home?

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Making your home spotless is important not only for the good view and the ambiance of it. Making your house clean means that you are caring for your own health. There are many people who could not understand this one since they are more focused on the things that made them happier like the appliances and the gadgets. If you would consider the overall structure of the house. It is nice that you have an area where you could sleep well and that is the bedroom. You have a place where you can cook like the wide area for the kitchen.  

Aside from those things that have mentioned above. It is nice as well that you will get some ideas on how to clean and do the window repair service in case of some problems. Others have the basic idea but it would not be enough to solve the bigger kinds of troubles there. It is annoying that we have to deal with those things every time but we are not paid to repair them. It is your main responsibility to ensure that everything there is in a good condition. You don’t want to waste more money for something that is not going to be worthy like the possible hiring of others or professional people to do it.  

Aside from that, you need to keep the windows clean and free from any kinds of dirt. This will make the life span of the window even longer and you can achieve a great sense of savings here since you don’t need to hire others. You can do the cleaning every morning or afternoon. So that the dust won’t be accumulated and this can be a good way to avoid getting someone.  

Make sure as well that the dining area is free from the unpleasant dirt. You don’t want seeing those stains and smelly odor while eating on the table. Others don’t know how to get rid of the smell and the best way here is to check some of the ideas on the internet. It would always be according to the available material and ingredients in your area.  

You can ask your family members to help you when it comes to cleaning the bedroom. They can do this one early in the morning or when they have some free time to do it. You can tell them to change the pillow case so that it won’t be very dirty and having that foul odor.  

Mopping the floor is also nice so that it can remove the stain and the dirt on the surface. There are times that we need to use some special cleaning agents in order to get rid of it. The worst thing to clean inside the house is the removal of the dirt from the carpet. You can hire someone to wash this one or you can vacuum the carpet every after two days to ensure that the accumulation of dust would be stopped and be avoided.  

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Things to Know About Solar Panels Warranties

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Renewable energy sources are long-term and considerable investments. This includes solar panels and solar batteries. Because of this, it is crucial to know you are buying high-quality products that will last for a long period.

Luckily, there is a lot of good solar panel and battery options available out there. That’s why a lot of homeowners around the world have made the move to go solar.

However, unexpected errors often happen, just like any electrical system. This is where having a warranty comes in. Today, we’re going to share with you some things you need to know about solar panels and battery warranties.

Keep in Mind Existing Solar Warranties when Adding a Battery

You’ve got two main installation options if you want to add a battery to your existing solar panels. First, a DC-coupled installation where the solar panels directly feed into the new battery. Second, an AC-coupled installation where the hybrid inverter and the battery are installed together with your existing system.

For each case, there are benefits and drawbacks. However, a huge factor to consider is that DC-coupled installation will affect your current solar panel warranty since it affects your existing set-up. You’ll have to update in line your existing solar system with the latest electrical codes. This will allow the battery installer to take over the obligations of the existing warranty. The installer will have to include this into their cost structure since they’re taking an extra risk. Thus, you’ll end up with a higher bill.

Proper Installation is the Key

Solar systems and batteries are based on proven, established, and constantly improving technologies. The truth is that the possibilities of there being a product malfunction within the warranty period are extremely small if you pick a high-quality product. This is particularly true if it is properly installed.

Almost every product manufacturer has a list of installation needs that you have to meet to protect the performance and product warranties. Usually, this includes having the solar panel and battery installed by an accredited installer with extremely particular training and knowledge. In addition to that, a quality installer will offer you their own warranty of 1 to 5 years.

Know Your Performance and Product Warranties

Oftentimes, solar panels are covered by separate performance and product warranties. However, a couple of manufacturers combine them together.

  • Performance Warranty

This outlines the expected system performance over a period. This includes the overall performance remaining and the level of decline. Typically, performance warranties are around 2 decades.

  • Product Warranty

This warranty covers product defects in workmanship or materials. In several areas, the minimum solar product warranty standard is 5 to 10 years. However, a couple of manufacturers often provide a 25-year warranty.

Typically, there’s one warranty that covers both performance and product elements when it comes to solar batteries. Manufacturers ensure that the product will maintain a particular level of performance and will stay free of defects for a number of years. They also often use battery cycles. It is the term used on how many times a battery discharges or charges.

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Would It Be Fine to Leave a Huge Tree Beside My Property? 

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We always think about a best place to live and most of the people would imagine themselves living in a paradise. Others would think that living in a place with a lot of trees and good sceneries would be the exact and perfect example of a dream home. We tend to have in our mind that we can pick different fruits from the different trees we have in our property. We can build a tree house for our kids in order for them to enjoy playing and see the beauty of the nature.  


When we buy a house or a property, it seems that it is fine that there are trees there as we are looking forward to enjoy the good ambiance of the place. Others would think that this one is a good investment and you should cut it down for nothing. A person who needs to live here should be with passion in taking good care of the plants and the different vegetation there. She or he knows the right way to take care of them properly and avoid being lazy to it.  

There are some new owners that they don’t want to have huge trees around their homes. It is fine if these ones are just small and plants only in a pot. It will be very easy for them to take care but for a larger type of trees, you need to pay more attention to whatever needs they would need.  

In case that you don’t want to see it there, then you can ask the help and the expertise of the tree service in Greeley in removing the huge tree. It is normal for others to feel worried since they need to consider the bad weather and the situation that may happen as well in the future. We can’t always say that the tree is growing perfectly and nothing bad would happen to that one.  

If the house is not yet built there, then you can consider designing and building your dream house a bit distant to the huge tree. We all know that the trees could give fresher air and comfort but you should think about the unpleasant side of it. Your house architect and engineers may give you some suggestions about what you need to do and to consider here since these are some of your worries? Professional people would tell that the larger trees would have larger roots, too. It means that they might affect your house foundation.  

Another factor that we need to look at here is the health of the trees around your property. You can ask the professional tree service to check the age and the condition of the tree so that you won’t feel very worried about it. Different cities may face different kinds of calamities and one of those things that we are very afraid of is the storm or typhoon. Even if we say that this tree is very strong but we can’t give full assurance that it will remain standing after being hit by a storm.  



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